What is Good Health?


Many people have had physicals, and the doctor told them they were in good health. Then they proceed to also say, “You are a little overweight and your blood pressure is high and your cholesterol is elevated, but don’t worry. We can control all of that with these pills.”

Over and over again folks say, “I’m healthy. I just have migraines only every other month now instead of every month, or I get just yeast infections or I have allergies or I can eat anything I want now that I have had a triple by-pass surgery, or sugar diabetes runs in my family.” Will this madness ever end? What’s wrong with this picture?

Good health is a topic for general conversation, a subject for politicians to debate only during pre-election. Good health is what the various pharmaceutical companies promise if you use their synthetic-poisons called prescription drugs or convenient over-the-counter-medications. When asked about their health, most people without hesitation immediately respond with either they are blessed to have good health insurance, or that they don’t have health insurance or they work out regularly. What is good health?

At the Amadi Wellness Connection (AWC) we describe Good Health as:

Good Health is like a seed: plant it, feed it, water it, nurture it, protect it, and it will grow. It will be strong, full of life/energy, and it will serve you well.

Good Health is knowing that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. One of our modern day health prophets said, “There is no such thing as diseases {DIS-EASES}, only unhealthy conditions. Change the lifestyle, and you change the condition and correct unhealthy habits.”

Good Health is respecting the Spiritmindbody™ connection. Wholesome thinking allows appreciation for and better care of this magnificent masterpiece called the humane being. Good Health is not the result of chance or accident, nor is it a mystery. It is not found in any pill. It is in something so basic like knowing that the heart is the size of a fist, and if it is overworked it will quit {heart attack or death}.

Good Health is recognizing that we are all energy. Honoring this knowledge and by nurturing the whole spirit, mind and body from the inside out we expand this electrifying experience called life.

Good Health is partaking of the abundance of life, trusting in Divine power, and daily using the seven natural healing forces: pure clean water ~ sunlight ~ rest ~ deep breathing ~ exercise ~ positive thoughts ~ optimum nutrition.

Good Health is maintaining balance, cherishing silence, counting your blessings, and practicing forgiveness.
Good Health is savoring the feast of life by sharing joy, peace, happiness, unconditional love, and striving to live in harmony.

Good Health is having wisdom to learn and live fully in the present moment.

I teach the AWC clients that dis-ease or illnesses are actually a reflection of spiritual dis- connection, ethereal blockage, mental and /or emotional upset which occur long before the manifestation of physical symptoms. The major cause of disease is lack of knowledge and the Spiritmindbody being out of balance and overrun with toxins. Those toxins can come through food, relationships, the environment, etc.

In his book Nutricide, Dr. Llaila Afrika points out in great detail the serious and deadly consequences of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). He urges folks to become more diligent and aware of the foods they eat and the medications and or supplements they ingest. The book also points out the genocide of African Americans through nutrition. According to Chris Clausing, the President of Frequency Foods, people perceive sickness as having a cold or the flu. What few people realize is that these are the easy ones—they show up fast and leave in a week or two. The HARD diseases are the ones that sneak up on you over time–heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and lupus. These are the true sicknesses, and they are deadly! However, with the advent of pharmaceutical drugs and aggressive chemical treatments, the symptoms of these serious illnesses are often covered up so that all you see is the ILLUSION of health. Make no mistake. If you suffer from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, or any other debilitating condition, you are SICK! And guess what? That’s okay. It doesn’t mean that you are weak or less of a human being. It just means you have to make a change and start supplying your body with the appropriate nutritional tools.

At Amadi Wellness Connection we advise people to recognize that the true root of sickness and dis-eased states is LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. And like Dr. Afrika, and Dick Gregory, I strongly suggest we all WAKE UP, change our perception of dis-ease and what is healthy and what good health actually is; look at our lifestyles and TAKE CHARGE of what we eat, drink, read, and become more aware of the environment around us. In short we need to learn more about living a safe, whole, communal, and healthy life.

You Deserve To Be Happy – The Power of Sisterhood….


Moving from Confusion to Freedom
The ancestors kept whispering wake, up, wake up, they need to know, there is power in true sisterhood. Being an obedient daughter I got up and these words began to flow.

On one hand many women are familiar with bonds that develop through memberships in sororities, social clubs, women choirs, womens networking groups, religious circles, and familiar with friendships with other women that may have begun in elementary, junior high, high school, college, may have formed on the job or started because of family functions, marriage and/ or neighbor associations, book club meetings, political campaigns or even through connecting because of health challenges, the doctor’s office, or support groups, or even through digital exposure such as Facebook chatter.

On the other hand when we hear the word sister the first thought may be either I have a sister through blood relationships, or through extended family connections. Through all appearances one might think women power is on and popping. Yet, the power of sisterhood as black women seems to be fractured. Contrary to popular thought all women do not have the same issues or status. We focus on black women because we are the original queens of the universe, true mothers of civilization and thus stewards of planet earth and as a spiritual unified group have a duty to humanity that seems to have been forgotten. For many the relationships listed are either, superficial, strained or nonexistent. Fortunate for some the word sisterhood conjures up warm feelings of support and love, for others the word sisterhood presents either a blank slate or feeling of loss, betrayal, hurt, anger, just an array of power numbing emotions.

What gets in the way?
Some women have never experienced the joy and loving support of their own mothers or witnessed the power that true sisterhood brings. In this society men often define the relationship that women have with each other. Many times if a woman gets close to other women some men feel threatened and discourage, minimize or ridicule the relationships. Still others label the relationships as sexual or romantic. The media separates women into categories and works on making sure that feeling of powerlessness, inadequacy, and mistrust are the order of the day. Now the majority of scenes of tenderness from one women or groups of women to one another is portrayed as homosexual, silly mishaps or is only because of some tragedy. We have reduced our relationship with black men to a paycheck and not worthy of any type of respect or meaningful interaction.

Enough is enough, time to acknowledge the past and move forward with a better understanding of who you are and a respect and love for your sisters.

What we are releasing collectively?
We are coming out of the dark releasing oppression that had our perception filled with blocks, had our minds imprisoned, our emotions and bodies shackled and our activities handcuffed. It’s time to free our minds from narrow limited viewpoints and from negativity. It’s time to look through other doorways. We can know freedom because of the bondage we have been in. Think liberation, avoid despair.

What is happening now?
It’s time to laugh our fears and sorrows away. Laughter will lift our spirits and allow for passion and play. It’s time to free ourselves and become natural, spontaneous and original. Let us be careful not to risk stepping off the edge under the influence of intoxicated madness and manipulative distractions. There is a revolutionary cleansing going on all levels of our beings. We have been under intense self-examination of our mental patterns and beliefs that aren’t working and need to be destroyed. We can see worldly situations and circumstances that need to be changed. There is a new dawning and all we need is courage to leap into the transmutation.

What do we have to look forward to?
Despite the five planets now in retrograde, we can look forward to real love as we share and spread our joy. It’s time to come out of brooding, calculating, cunning, clever, thinking and give our attention totally in whatever we are doing in the moment. Giving our complete attention brings wondrous and creative energy in all that we do. Let us use this time to celebrate as we perceive life as a whole new picture. The deaths, challenges, and awakens of past years, months and days have preparing us for the new season/year.

Our instructions
Cleanse other people energy out of yourself by meditating on pulling the cords that connect you to energy-draining people. Be a channel one who contains and dispenses good energy like a magician. Be child-like using delight, light, relaxed spirit and be free. Know that freedom is yours. Set clear boundaries in relationships to protect the child within by describing the nature of the relationship. Move beyond limitations to increase possibilities by becoming aware of alternatives. Remember…you deserve to be happy, healthy and whole and you create your own reality. You are unlimited, you get what you concentrate on, the moment of power is now.

To love is to be happy, all power comes from within and effectiveness is the measure of truth.

Great change is on the horizon and there are strong winds that may take you off course. Chart your course and allow the winds to carry you, there will be detours, just remember you are still on your path and still on your way.

Health and Wellness For Your Mind…


Are you controlling your mind?

As a mother, nurse, wholistic health and wellness minister, life conscious ness and imagination coach, and certified master hypnotherapist I have studied human nature and often wondered why we as a people, are in the condition we are in worldwide. In past articles, I have attempted to answer that question. I have written extensively about mentacide (term first coined by the Dr, Bobby Wright in the 1970’s). Just as a refresher, mentacide according to Bobby Wright is the “deliberate and systematic destruction of a group’s minds with the ultimate objective being the extirpation of the group.” “Mentacide,” says Dr. Wright, is a worldwide phenomena being implemented against the entire Black race. Now that term may mean very little or sound pretty intellectual; however, the day-to-day interactions witnessed in our communities seem to point to some things that go beyond simple solutions and psychological definitions. For instance, even though if asked most people would agree that they would like to live in a healthy, safe and peaceful environment, however they do very little to insure their desire happens, or they think someone else should make their desire happen for them.

Most people know that President George W. Bush lied when he told the country that as a nation we had to capture Saddam Hussein and invade Iraq because of the atrocities and of the presence of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Although Bush publicly admitted that he lied and even though Americans know that hundreds of thousands of people have died in this unjust and senseless war, President Bush stayed in office. Even though there was mounds of evidence to suggest that the government had prior and inside knowledge of the bombing before 911 happened, Americans by and large willingly accept the limiting of their rights. The majority of people accepted the lies and did not actively protest the injustices. Another example of something happening to the very psyche of the people is the fact that while thousands of people were not allowed to vote or their votes were thrown away or changed, the people accepted the Supreme Court appointing George W. Bush, Jr. as the winner of the fraudulent election. Ironically, if the same set of circumstances happened in another country, the American people would condemn the foreign government and say the elections were not democratic and that the people were being oppressed. The next action would be that the elected officials would say they have a mandate to go to war or to wage some action to change the undemocratic behavior. Despite the many reports about the wars being cover ups for the quest for oil or natural minerals or pure dominance, Americans still just accept the lies about the need for all the conflicts and wars.

Adolph Hitler stated, “Tell a lie often enough, loud enough, and long enough and people will believe you.” And closer to home Einstein defined insanity as, “Taking the same action over and over again and expecting a different result.” Both of these men understood that people can be misdirected and led in the opposite direction while believing or following a lie. An unknown author once wrote a lie is not in the words, or lack of words; it is in the intention of the deceiver.

These three words, lie, insanity and deceiver, make up the foundation of mentacide. Tell a people they are slaves and descendents of slave, monkeys, and savages and the people will believe it and act accordingly. Tell the people that they are lazy and need to contribute something to the building of this country, as if they have not contributed anything of value. Beat the people in every way possible and tell them it is for their own good. Lynch them, and then pass a law to outlaw lynching, and then continue to lynch and then kill them whenever at any time. Tell them they are the cause of their poor situation, say and do these things over and over again, and the people will believe it. If there is any doubt, make movies that depict the women as weak and deceitful and the men and stupid and foolish and repeat the message over and over again and not only will the people believe it they will teach the sick behavior to their children and their children’s children. This is how the tactic of mentacide can work and continues to work.

Equally as addictive and potentially mind numbing are the frequencies used in our music. The deliberate manipulation of the rhythm and sound frequencies can affect our thinking and ultimately our own destruction. Noted journalist Junious Ricardo Stanton wrote an in-depth article about the use of frequency and music contributing to our own destruction: www.positivelyblack.net/Articles.htm

If one stops to think or ask, when did it become acceptable for our women to be dehumanized and insulted through musical lyrics, in videos, and then in the streets. When did it become acceptable to abuse our elderly, when did it become acceptable for mothers to curse at young children, to verbally abuse them in the home or in the streets? The answer is, it has never been acceptable to act as a savage, nor is it acceptable to abuse anyone in person, through music or video or in print. The energy behind mentacide and environmental genocide is the belief a person is not worthy or is powerless to make a change. This belief affects all aspects of a person’s life. If individually or collectively, we do not analyze our own conduct or fail to examine what is happening to and around us, we are actively suffering from full blown mentacide. The United Negro College Fund uses a phrase “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” I would like to remind the readers that a mind is never wasted. What is more accurate is that if you are not using your mind someone else will or someone else is. The following three quotes from Marcus Mosiah Garvey can be used to overcome mentacide and aid in reclaiming control of your own mind:
If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.

Chance has never yet satisfied the hope of a suffering people. Action, self-reliance, the vision of self, and the future have been the only means by which the oppressed have seen and realized the light of their own freedom.”

God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law.

While attending concerts may be fun and watching sit-coms on Tel-a-lie-vision may be a momentary distraction, the real work is overcoming the years of self-hate programming. Years of mentacide do not just disappear. A person or group must make a conscious decision to fight for true freedom, to recognize the face of oppression in their own back yard, to speak out about injustice, and stand-up consistently for the empowerment, freedom, and justice for all people, starting at home first. There are many resources to help a person unravel the confusion mentacide has generated. Many of those methods have been of our own design. Here are just a few books that will shed some light on the reclaiming your mind. Form a book club or establish a positive video watching night.

Add these books and/or videos to your survival kit:

Videos to add to your collection

Stress Vs. Passion…

Stress vs Passion: Evaluating Where You Are In Your Journey Called Life!

How many of us question where we are in our lives when it comes to evaluating whether what we are doing is stressful or is a part of what we’re doing to pursue our passion?

Here’s a quick quote to help us figure it out!

Here’s to getting more information and support on what to do to make sure our lives are filled with passion..not stress!!!

Quote courtesy of GirlfriendConnect Coaches Corner contributing blogger Lydia Henry




What Should I Do With My Life?


What Should I Do With My Life? – is an article written by Jack Welch, author,coach, and trainer and Suzy Welch. It suggests answering three things to begin your journey to the best vision and version of yourself.

These are questions that:
1. Only you can answer
2. There are no right or wrong answers
3. Require honesty and authenticity

It is a perfect place to start when you don’t know where to start or intimidated by the thought of starting. I’ve been there, so I speak from experience. Think of me as your “personal consciousness and mental trainer” in your corner supporting you – to prepare you to overcome challenges, unproductive thoughts, refocus your energy and let go of being afraid to make a mistake. I often ask my clients “What would you do if you thought you couldn’t fail! This is not a long process because I know that you already have the answers that you seek. Together, we will inspire and motivate you to reach a winning and triumphant state of Resilience, Relevance, and ReEngagement in this wonderful thing called Life. We will then ReBrand you and teach you how to market your brand to get what you want. I am certified professional life coach and a consultant specializing in developing a strategic “life map”, a personal and professional customized plan that is both practical and tactical My job is to believe in you and coach you to believe in YOUR vision. Let’s do this!


Life Lessons: How to Train and ReFrame Your Thoughts


“Live today as if it will never come again. Embrace the moment”

Here is an article that helps you train and reframe your thoughts: The Sneaky Thought Pattern That’s Been Holding You Back. Every thought that we allow to “seed” and germinate in our mind invokes an emotion.

Do a quick mind/ body assessment:

What are you feeling emotionally, spiritually, and physically in this moment?
What is occupying your mind right now – is it past regret or guilt; present moment purpose,focus, content and gratefulness; or future worry?

Don’t look back because you’re not going that way; don’t waste energy on worry about the future – do something today that impacts and invests in the future that you want.

Stay tuned for information on the launch of Coach Lydia’s new radio show “Life Lessons”on WJYN 98.5 FM Uptown Radio!

Self-Leadership: Tapping Into the Fuel of Your Soul


We are all leaders in some aspect of our lives whether it is professionally or personally. Whether you choose to utilize your capacity to lead is another matter. We all have leadership qualities, or the capacity to influence the thinking of others. History demonstrates how people of ordinary means and unspectacular lives, and often little training or education have influenced whole movements of thousands of people. Leaders are at the top, and leaders are at the bottom of the hierarchical chain. One way to look at this is to contemplate “If your title were eliminated, would people still follow you”? Another way is “Do you impact the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of others”? If either of these questions resonates with you, you are a leader regardless of your position and with that comes responsibility.

Consider your attitude about your company, your job function, your future as an employee with the firm. If there is a lack of excitement or focused energy towards any or all of these, then your engagement in the performance of your assigned role is not completely invested and more importantly, you are not invested in yourself. Engagement requires honesty, commitment, and action. How you think and feel effects those around you – positive or negative – regardless of your words or your compliance. A leader, titles are irrelevant, assumes responsibility for his or her own success and development and invests time and energy to examine the realities about his or herself and the company. You are either engaged or not, invested or not, committed or not. Find out why there is a lack of alignment and enthusiasm and you will gain knowledge that will literally shape your thoughts, actions, and results in your professional career and influence choices that you make in your personal life and the emotions and energy that follow. Be honest about what you bring to the table, what you need to be better, what you want for your future (personally and professionally). If you decide to stay with the company, determine how can you be most effective and achieve your goals and the company’s goals. Then, take action with a plan – hold yourself accountable and measure your progress. There are mentors and coaches that can assist you in this journey and ensure that you are staying on track and ultimately successful.

How” Limiting Beliefs” Limit Our Destiny


Have you ever wondered if you are carrying beliefs that are actually self-limiting — if not false — and are preventing you from living a great life?

Consider these seemingly benign statements that we might say to ourselves on a daily basis (sometimes unconsciously):

  • “I can’t tell the truth because I may get judged and ridiculed…”
  • I can’t speak up and make a suggestion because they might think it’s stupid or inappropriate
  • I can’t lead because people will expect things from me that I can’t deliver
  • “I don’t want to get close to this person lest my heart gets broken…”
  • “I don’t want to ask for what I want because, what if I get rejected?”
  • “I can’t trust people because I’ve been betrayed before…”
  • I can’t take care of myself because I will seem selfish and self-absorbed
  • I don’t want to take time out for me each day because I will disappoint those for whom I feel responsible
  • “I can’t pursue my dreams because I don’t know what I’d do if I fail…”
  • I don’t want to make myself too attractive because people will look at me and judge
  • “I can’t do X because of Y…”
  • “I can’t do A because of B…”

Our beliefs are centered around our emotions, relationships, dreams, and often  rooted in messages that we received as a child. Deep down, we’re afraid that once our emotions get hurt, once we experience a heartbreak, or once we face a setback that the only thing that can protect us from more pain is to limit what we do, think, hope for, or feel…  We are haunted by these fears.

The next time you hesitate to move forward with something or someone that is possibly a critical component to your future, your vision, and ultimately your happiness – STOP!  Use a microscope to examine WHY!! If your answer is in any way connected to a limiting belief, it’s time to undo the restrictions you have placed on your life – the destiny that you control..

Examine your limiting beliefs and how they limit  your destiny.  Use the vision of you in the future to take a look at you now – make some changes.  What will you do differently today?  Become accountable to yourself.

Claiming the Vision of You


Women’s History Month is a great time for GFC to continue highlighting positive things women are doing to contribute to the betterment of the lives of black women! This article is a continuation of the connection GFC has made with women across the globe who are doing great things. We started with our 2014 Conference and Retreat in Bermuda where we connected to fabulous Bermudian women who are all about empowering and enhancing the lives of black women and the black community at large.

This article is the first in a series of articles from Lydia Henry, CEO, Vision Coach Dynamics, Coaching and Consulting www.visioncoachdynamics.com on Claiming the Vision of You! Please read, enjoy and give us your feedback!

Sisters Across the Ocean

March is “Women’s Month” here in the United States. March 8th is celebrated around the world as “International Women’s Day”. There is a global effort for women to shine a spotlight on what is achievable and to learn from women who have gone before us blazing a trail of victory, accomplishment and visionary triumph. As women, especially women of color, we are often self-sacrificing and this time of the year gives us pause to consciously turn inward to search for the uniqueness that makes each of us exceptional. It is a time to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is a time to realize that, particularly in the African Diaspora, we are all connected, we are one, we are sisters.

In January of this year, I had the pleasure of traveling to Ghana, West Africa with my friends and colleagues: Florence Torson-Hart, President of the US Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Senior Wealth Management Advisor for Merrill Lynch and Dr. Beverly Richards, Psychotherapist, Consultant, and Curator of “A Cinema Apart”. The purpose of our trip was certainly ambitious for a two week stay, yet we were able to achieve our goals. We met with the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, the Honorable Abia Dzifa Gomashie; the head of Public and Private Policies and Procedures and Women’s Initiatives for the Ghana Ministry of Health, Dr. Maureen Martey; Onaranpa Women’s Hospital- Comprehensive Women’s Care, Isabella B. Nyan, MD, MBA, MOH, FACOG; Executive Director of Project Alternatives Ltd-Organizational Development and Business Development Services, Nana Ama Oppong-Duah; The Director of Human Resources, Equatorial Coca Cola, Ghana, Angela Okyere-Fosu, MBA We wanted to connect and reconnect with “women of purpose” and establish a cross Atlantic sisterhood that would emphasize building a relationship structure that nurtured and supported each of us personally and professionally. We had the honor of meeting at the home of Pearl O. Dua, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Code (Printing, Publishing, Branding, and Music Production) with members of SisterConnect, a professional black women’s organization in Accra, Ghana. We focused on the similarities of our goals, our struggles and our desire to help each other. The current President of the organization, Esinam Akyea-Djamson (Architect and Real Estate Developer), emphasized in our gathering that we welcome input from everyone to help us stay connected and benefit from our collective skills, experiences, and circles of influence. We celebrated all that connects us in our three hour gathering and, of course, we enjoyed the delicious Ghanaian food and warm hospitality. The outcome and take-away from the meeting was a vision of a combined women’s conference in 2017 in Ghana, West Africa. We look forward to hearing from you in this blog and incorporating your feedback and suggestions into the planning of this exciting event. Please add your voice to the discussion.

Closing the Gap Between You and Your “VISION” of You!

Do you ever find yourself “day-dreaming” about the “me nobody knows” or a flash of how your life might be – if only things were different – if only you were different! The first step to being different is thinking differently. First, let’s dispel the notion that there is something lacking in who you are at this very moment. That’s just nonsense. You are capable of anything you can imagine yourself doing, being, saying, or creating. So how does one get from here to there? Much like a journey or a trip, you need a roadmap. Inventory your traveling bag and review a checklist for everything that you will need to reach your destination: mode of travel; fuel and/or food; resting stops and lodging; clothing for different circumstances and situations; GPS cell phone and radio; emergency tool kit; information about your final destination. The things that you will need to become the vision that you have of yourself are very similar.

Inventory: what are your skill-sets, life experience, accomplishments, characteristics, values

Mode of travel: what things or people will facilitate your movement towards the goal
Fuel or food: what will sustain you so that you can remain strong and healthy mind,body, and soul?

Resting Stops: how can you plan “time-outs”, maintain balance, get enough sleep and re-group

Clothing: how can you prepare yourself for “outfitting” your mind?
GPS: who will be your guide, coach, or mentor?

Cell phone: who can you trust to call when you need uplifting – who can make you laugh?

Emergency tool kit: what will be your ‘back up plans” to overcome obstacles

Information about your destination: what will happen when you get there – because you WILL get there!

Let’s free your mind and passionately embark upon the trip of your life – everything else will follow your thoughts; foster positive emotions; develop constructive habits, behaviors, and attitudes; steering you into your destiny and vision. Who will that person be?

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Lydia A. Henry, Certified Professional Coach