Who is GirlfriendConnect?

GirlfriendConnect is a subsidiary of Mind Body and Soul Connections (MBSC). For the past 10 years, MBSC has been a catalyst for positive change and growth in the Black community through education, enrichment and empowerment. MBSC has invested in the acquisition of information that specifically addresses the unique desires, requirements and perspectives of Black women.

The mission of GirlfriendConnect (GFC) is to create a single source, multi channel, value-added network for its membership and business partners. GFC emphasizes support of customer-centered Black owned businesses and initiatives that meet the needs of their members and positively impact the community. GFC believes successful Black businesses empower our communities and gives us options, a voice and a place at the table where decisions are made.

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” -Maya Angelou

The vision of GirlfriendConnect (GFC) is to be a positive resource for enriching the lives of the black woman personally, professionally and spiritually.